Saturday, February 21, 2009

Popcorn Superhet Receiver

In 2005, Radiohead lead guitarist Jonny Greenwood wrote a symphony called Popcorn Superhet Receiver and recorded it by playing and looping over 200 orchestral parts himself. Later that year it was performed by the BBC symphony at the Wordless Music concert. Then in 2007, Paul Thomas Anderson used Greenwood's song as the soundtrack for his film There Will Be Blood. Ever since I learned this information, I have been searching for a full recording of the original song and I finally found a version being streamed online. I highly recommend you take a listen. It's truly incredible and an experience like none other. If you are so inclined I also recommend doing some research on the song. The process and ideas behind the song are really interesting and revolutionary. Below is the link to the stream. Enjoy!

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